It's all in the blood

Today we celebrate donating blood. We’ve all done it at some point and it’s great that we continue to do so. Apart from the obvious functions such as topping up blood banks and helping our fellow human beings by making sure our blood gets used in the medical arena, there are some other bonuses to blood. Have you ever wondered what PRP and PRF can do for you?

First you might stop and say, “PR what?” Great question by the way, platelet rich plasma or platelet rich fibrin, is what you get when you spin blood in a centrifuge. It starts with taking a vial of your blood and placing it into a machine to be spun at a certain speed. This splits the blood cells into liquid and solids. The plasma is the liquid and the rest is the solids. So you might wonder what’s so good about this stuff? For a start it’s from your own body so it can’t have any adverse affects on you, it’s filled with growth factors that supercharge anywhere it is applied or injected. So that means, hair follicles that are sleeping and need a wake up call? No problem. Lackluster skin with damaged collagen? Yep it can help there by using mesotherapy injections. Into the joints where there are injuries? Certainly, in fact that’s one of the first places it was used. What can you expect from PRP?

1. Stimulates collagen through neocollagenesis.
2. Plumps and tightens sagging skin.
3. Softens acne scars via increased collagen production.
4. Evens skin tone by balancing the melanocytes.

One of the great things about PRP and PRF is that it is a fantastic combination treatment for procedures that cause any type of chemical or mechanical skin stimulation. That includes C02 laser, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Morpheus8 RF Microneedling. It soothes and heals harnessing the body’s ability to mend itself, so it basically gives the skin a jump start on recovery, that’s why I like to team it up with other treatments.

"It starts with taking a vial of your blood and placing it into a machine to be spun at a certain speed."