EvolveX Transform body contouring

Better than Coolsculpting: tighten, tone muscle, lose fat

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Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa is excited to offer one of Hollywood’s most sought-after treatments right here in Centennial, Colorado. EvolveX Transform is a unique hands-free, non-invasive treatment for the body specifically designed to treat multiple areas of the body by toning the shape of muscles, reducing fat and tightening skin laxity.

This innovative treatment utilizes two procedures in one. Bipolar Radiofrequency (RF) energy is used to create deep heating of tissue and fat while electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) forces muscle contractions not usually achievable during exercise. The combination of these two mechanisms provides a relatively quick and pain-free building and toning of muscles, fat melting tightening of loose skin.

EvolveX Transform heats and destroys fat cells which are then naturally eliminated by the body during fat metabolism. It can be used on body areas that are resistant to exercise efforts and shows results after several weeks. This procedure has proven to be very popular in celebrity circles due to its convenience and trident approach.

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Key benefits

What it can do:

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Are you a candidate for EvolveX Transform body contouring?

      Do you have these concerns?

  • Sagging skin or skin laxity

  • Excess fat you wish to reduce

  • Abdominal fat

  • Back and bra line fat

  • Sagging underside of arms

  • Buttock, hip and thigh concerns

  • Lower or upper hip fat

  • “Saddle bags”

  • Fat above or on the side of the knees

  • Cellulite in any of the areas above

Procedure highlights

This 3-in-1 no downtime  treatment uses a hands-free device so you can relax alone during treatment. A patient call button allows pausing as settings are adjusted for comfort by you or your provider.

Preparation: Wear loose easy-access clothing. There are no dietary or medication restrictions.

Post-treatment: Return to daily activities with no restrictions on diet or medication. Hydrate well for maximum fat metabolism. Redness subsides  shortly after treatment.

Safety first: This safe hands-free treatment feels like a ‘warm’ Tens Unit.


While EvolveX Transform body contouring has been compared to Coolsculpting and liposuction, it differs greatly.  Liposuction generates aggressive results but does not tighten skin or tone muscle, is much more costly and requires significant recovery time.

Coolsculpting is comparable in that no downtime is required but it will not address the loose skin, costs a great deal more and has side effects. For example it can also create a shelf of fat in areas near the treated area and in some cases cause Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia an actual overgrowth of the fatty tissue you are trying to eliminate.

Evolve X Transform is the treatment choice for patients not wishing to incur the drastic financial and recovery time of surgical procedures.