Are non-surgical face lifts worth it?

Making the decision to have a face lift is a huge one. Not only do you have to find a reputable surgeon, there is the huge cost to consider. Then there is the healing and downtime which can take up to a year and sometimes longer. The risk of going under the knife is scary too. Given all of these concerns it is no wonder so many people are considering non-surgical face lifting methods. But the big debate is are they as good as a traditional face lift? The answer to that depends very much on what the patient is looking to achieve and if they are willing to undergo surgery or not.

Non-surgical lifting techniques do not last as long as surgery but they also do not come with the same anesthetic risks either. That said the days of poor work and low results are over and the quality of techniques has improved dramatically. The best thing about these methods is they are a good way to try out face lifting without making a big commitment. You do not scar and the results are more immediate because there is little swelling.

So what are the options? To answer that we must look at what the problem is. Is there sagging skin? Do the cheeks look hollow? Is the jawline less defined? Are the under eye areas baggy? These concerns are usually addressed by a surgical face lift, but we have alternatives. First the PDO threads that can be placed under the skin where they can hook in (Silhouette InstaLift threads)  or Nova threads (smooth threads), which help volumize and smooth skin. These dissolvable threads pass under the skin with a fine cannula and are pulled to tighten muscles and tissues. Results last from 12-18 months. PDO threads work very well in conjunction with dermal fillers to plump out hollow areas and following the thread lifting it is clear where plumping might be needed. Another good combination treatment is the Morpheus8 RF Microneedling. When I use it for the face I get great results as a skin tightener and find that it helps lift and tone. 

The reward for me is hearing comments like, “I can’t believe I look so good,” and “why didn’t I just go for this in the first place!” So if you happen to have reservations about non-surgical face lifting then I hope I have been able to allay your fears.

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"The answer to that depends very much on what the patient is looking to achieve and if they are willing to undergo surgery or not."