Lipolean B12 injections

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What Lipolean B12 injections can do for you

At Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa in Centennial, Colorado we know that weight loss can be challenging. Sometimes a little extra boost is required to help individuals keep momentum going in their exercise and dieting regimes.Lipolean B12 is a liquid mixture of specific nutrients comprising natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids as well as the appetite suppressant drug phentermine.

These lipotropic supplements are injected into the arm, stomach, buttock or thigh where there is more visceral fat. This allows for rapid processing and an increase in fat metabolism.

Appetite is suppressed which also enables individuals to become more aware of hunger and making healthy dietary choices instead of eating when not truly hungry.

Although weight loss is enhanced with Lipolean B12 it has the additional benefits of B12 which plays a large role in building immunity and aiding in brain function. Results can be felt within days with a boost in energy and a suppression in appetite. Fat loss can take up to 30 days to be seen.

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Key benefits

Some of the ingredients in Lipolean B12:

Procedure highlights

  • Increased energy almost immediately or within the first few days
  • Metabolism increases to burn fat more quickly, with noticeable results usually appearing within the first couple of weeks and weight loss in up to 30 days
  • Results appear faster in those following healthy diet and exercise regimes
  • Suppressed appetite helps in learning cues for when you are truly hungry
  • Helps patients create new, healthy, long-term dietary and exercise habits due to the motivation received from positive weight loss changes

Patient concerns

What are some of potential side effects?

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There is nothing to do to prepare for the injections. Our Medical Director Monica Garbiso will request information about any medications and supplements you are currently taking to ensure no adverse reaction can occur. A plan for diet and exercise will also be discussed to ensure the best protocol is created for weight loss goals.

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