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Treat hair loss and thinning in Centennial

If you are experiencing hair loss you are not alone, 50% of the population will deal with hair loss at some point in their lives. At Invigorate Advance Aesthetics Medical Spa in Centennial, Colorado we are no stranger to taking care of our clients’ hair care needs. We take great pride in watching the results grow before eyes with our bespoke treatments.

There are many reasons that can cause hair loss or thinning. From vitamin and nutritional deficiency, hormonal changes, heredity, stress and trauma, medical conditions, Alopecia, medication and aging.

We offer several solutions in our medical spa close to  Denver Tech Center. Speak with one of our treatment specialists to see whether you would suit a protocol such as PRP (Platelet-rich plasma), PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) both harvested from a small painless vial of your own blood or even a stem cell treatment.

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