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Collagen induction therapy: SkinPen®, Dermafrac & mesotherapy

Introducing fresh skin!

Microneedling with SkinPen® in Centennial

At Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa in Centennial we offer several types of Collagen induction therapy. The SkinPen® is the first FDA-approved treatment for microneedling and is one way to stimulate collagen-production. It uses medical-grade, state-of-the-art microneedling to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars on the face and body.

It allows the skin to repair itself after controlled micro-injury in the dermis triggering new collagen synthesis without creating scars. It is safe to use on all skin types and does not use any chemicals or heat during the procedure.

Treatments take between 45 minutes and an hour and are spaced 6 weeks apart. The Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics team will recommend a bespoke protocol but usually advise 1-2 annual treatments for anti-aging. 3-4 treatments for more intensive issues and up to 6 treatments for severe scarring or stretch marks.

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Why SkinPen®?


It can safely treat any area:


SkinPen® for facial acne scars
Acne scars are typically the result of an inflamed blemish.They can also occur from damaged pores that eventually create a lesion, be that raised and discolored tissue on the surface of the skin. SkinPen® works by improving the surface and texture of the skin in the treated areas resulting in smoother, healthier and more youthful skin. 

SkinPen® for neck wrinkles
Often aging can appear on the delicate neck skin before the face. This area has less collagen, fewer oil glands and even less fatty tissue making it prone to sagging and laxity and the “turkey neck.”  Wrinkles may form horizontally or vertically and textural changes may occur forming crepiness. The SkinPen® can minimize fine lines and sagging, with results accumulating after each treatment as collagen builds.

SkinPen® for skin above and below the eyes
One or both eyelids can succumb to aging. The results is sagging and droopiness that can sometimes impair vision or dark circles with bags and puffiness.  Additionally, crow’s feet can appear around the eyes due to sun exposure, squinting and aging. The SkinPen® can help renew this delicate area by building up collagen to thicken the skin and diminish dark circles and lines and create lift.

Inflammation is created in the skin purposefully using the SkinPen® tiny microneedles in the treatment areas. The minute wounds trigger the immune system to begin working by disinfecting the wounds and increasing blood flow to the area. The creation of new tissue begins as collagen and elastin proteins establish themselves.

SkinPen® is the first FDA-cleared microneedling treatment and is:

  • Clinically tested and proven
  • Backed by an unparalleled commitment to safety and efficacy
  • Performed by leading dermatologists and aestheticians
  • Convenient, requiring little to no downtime
  • Simple, with results in just in as few as three 45-minute sessions
  • Designed to work without chemicals, heat, or stress
  • Engineered and made in the USA

What to AVOID one week before

  • Topical retinoids
  • Topical acids
  • Topical exfoliants
  • Accutane
  • Extreme heat, cold
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Blood-thinning agents
  • Laser treatments
  • Sun tanning or prolonged sun exposure
  • Sunburn
  • Advil, Motrin, Aleve, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication
  • Excessive alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes 3 days before and after your treatment

Post treatment r

After your treatment, you may notice redness, inflammation, itching or burning. This is normal and should subside within 24-72 hours.

One week after

  • Do not massage or rub the treated areas
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, sun, extreme heat or cold and tanning beds
  • Avoid alcohol based toners and other topical gels or medications

Time to try DermaFrac™

The second collagen induction therapy solution we offer at Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa is DermaFrac™. It uses a roller that contains 180 super fine needles to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, helping to plump, firm and smooth the skin. As the roller creates the micro-channels in the skin, the DermaFrac™ system uses a vacuum system to simultaneously push potent serums into skin to boost the impact of the needling treatment. 

Just as there are many different skin concerns that require remedy, there are also corresponding serums. Our practitioners will discuss your concerns and help you choose which is best. Hydrate can result in softened lines and wrinkles. Rejuvenate contains a cocktail that boosts collagen and fibroblast production. Clarify contains pore cleansing acids for blemish free skin. Lighten uses pigment-busting Kojic acid and Growth factor targets aging skin.

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    Why DermaFrac™?

  • Has two needle depths for different skin concerns
  • Has LED light therapy setting for use after microneedling
  • Is very quick and painfree
  • Has little to no downtime
  • Versatile serum solutions
  • Product is delivered exactly where it needs to go


DermaFrac™ can help by delivering scientifically formulated solutions into the skin where they are most beneficial. DermaFrac™ is safe and effective on all skin types and can be used on your face, hands, chest, or anywhere you need help in improving your skin condition. Your treatment will be customized to your needs by a selection of target-specific formulations:

Rejuvenate: A “super cocktail” of peptides that can stimulate collagen and fibroblast production and relax the muscles in a subtle, natural way.

Clarify: Lactic and salicylic acids help cleanse congested, oily pores for more vibrant, clearer skin.

Growth Factors: Growth factors, moisturizers, peptides and vitamins blend to repair aging and sun damage.

Hydrate: Hyaluronic acid triggers intense hydration. A patented formulation using HylaSponge® technology may result in sustained hydration of the skin.

Lighten: Kojic acid is a natural and effective lightening agent shown to even out pigment.

Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage.

DermaFrac™ is microneedling with simultaneous infusion, helping your skin become smoother and more luminous with no pain or downtime. By utilizing our selection of advanced formulations, DermaFrac™ targets the skin condition that concerns you.

No. DermaFrac™ allows you to return to your normal activities immediately following the treatment. You may reapply your makeup immediately after the treatment. It is common to experience some pink or slightly red areas, which should fade quickly. The degree of redness you experience will be directly related to the amount of stimulation during the treatment.

DermaFrac™ is typically administered in six treatments four weeks apart. Continued treatments will be beneficial. A maintenance program consists of treatments performed every two weeks or as directed by your skincare practitioner.

Yes. DermaFrac™ is safe for all skin types.

Getting the skin fully hydrated before a laser peel or any fractional procedure makes for a more predictable treatment and is an ideal pre and post laser combination treatment.

In ablative resurfacing or any fractional procedure where water is the true target, full dermal hydration is desirable.  Dermal hydration cannot be seen and is very different for each patient but it is safe to say that most people need to be hydrated prior to such procedures. A DermaFrac™ hydration treatment with hyaluronic acid a few weeks before a procedure helps to raise the target abundance in the epidermis and upper dermis so that most patients have an even response to treatment.

Local Mesotherapy solutions

Mesotherapy is the third collagen induction therapy that is offered at Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa and is used to help build collagen. It is considered a less intense version of microneedling for the face and helps increase elasticity and firmness. The goal of mesotherapy is to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin by supplying it with liquid vitamins and minerals that may be missing. This kick starts cell renewal and helps flush out toxins leading to improved blood circulation.

A member of the Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics team will inject tiny droplet amounts into the skin with a fine needle, creating multiple injection sites in the treatment area. They may even suggest use of your own Plasma in conjunction with the vitamins and mineral cocktail.

The results are subtle yet cumulative and show an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, diminished hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

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Why choose Mesotherapy?

It offers many benefits:


Mesotherapy is a process in which the provider uses a serum containing vitamins, nutrients and sometimes plant extracts, even the patient’s own plasma and injects it into the treatment area via multiple, tiny injections. The process causes minor trauma to the skin stimulating the body’s healing and regeneration response. 

Mesotherapy can vary depending on the individual patient’s needs. Your provider will discuss your skin concerns and recommend the specific vitamins and minerals, or plant extracts needed. They may recommend your own plasma which is highly regenerative and suitable for injection.  

Mesotherapy may cause:

  • nausea
  • pain
  • sensitivity
  • swelling
  • itching
  • redness
  • bruising
  • bumps at the injection site

There is usually little downtime. Some patients can apply sunscreen and makeup in as little as 2 to 3 days after the procedure, though the average is usually 5 to 7 days.  This is dependent upon the area  treated and individual reaction to the treatment

1-2 weeks before treatment

  • Avoid sun exposure, extreme heat or cold and tanning beds
  • Avoid aspirin, NSAIDs and fatty acids which may cause bleeding or bruising if used
  • Avoid alcohol use

Recovery expectations

  • Avoid lying flat for 3-4 hours after treatment

For 48 hours after

  • Do not massage or rub the treated areas
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, sun, extreme heat or cold and tanning beds

After first week

  • If skin itches we recommend using Benadryl anti-itch gel in the evening 
  • Apply SPF of 30 or higher to protect skin. Very light-skinned patients should use an SPF of at least 50 or higher
  • Patients may also wish to take Benadryl allergy tablets at night to ease itching; however, if you are taking other medications, make sure to consult with your doctor first prior to taking Benadryl medication orally.
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