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Eyelash and brow solutions in Centennial

There are many reasons why eyelash enhancement is desirable, from dressing the eyes, to dealing with sparser lashes, giving them a fuller look. We also take the brows into consideration because balanced brows frame the face. At Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa in Centennial, Colorado we take an artistic approach and tailor the lash and brow needs to each client. We can advise a suitable look based on several available options.

 Eyelash tinting gives the illusion of depth to pale thin lashes, while lash curling and perming gives lift without need for extensions.  For the more practical client both these options remove the daily hassle of applying mascara or strip lashes. This is also a healthier way to look after eyelashes by removing the need for lash glues or adhesives. Tinting the brows colors the skin in between sparse lashes and adds dimension and definition.

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Some types of lash concerns

Straight lashes

Using an eyelash curler everyday can be cumbersome but Lash Lyft is can fix that for straight lashes.The treatment takes 30 to 40 minutes and acts like a perm for the lashes. A lash rod is applied to the upper eyelid followed by a perming cream and a setting cream.


Pale lashes

This is the solution for light colored, blond(e), gray brows and lashes. The treatment is done every 3 to 4 weeks and only takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Choose from auburn, brown or brunette colors.


What products we use

We are big believers in natural products that’s why we chose Henna Brows as our brow tinting method.

Henna coloring has been used in beauty for centuries from tattooing to adding color to hair. We use it to stain the skin (for up to two weeks) and tint the hair for up to 8 weeks. Henna coats the hair shaft and does not wash off, it will grow out with the natural hair cycle or be shed. We can also predict the color with the specific blends we use.

Our lash tints come in auburn, brown, brunette shades and are specially formulated to look cool and natural.

Henna brows


What’s the process:

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Natural lashes shed every couple of weeks so during that time tinted lashes will fall out, so lashes will look less deep in color. The henna brow tints can last up to 8 weeks unlike regular brow tints that last two weeks. For brow hairs the growth phase is 30-45 days and after that they shed naturally. We recommend coming in every two weeks for lashes and 4 weeks for eyebrows.

Lash curling is very safe if the technician follows the correct guidelines. Such as they should not leave the perm solution on too long to avoid irritation. They must use the correct sized rod to achieve the right amount of curl. Clients are also encouraged to use a lash growth serum of their choice, to feed and nourish their natural lashes as well as stimulating constant new growth.

After having lashes permed it is still possible to wear mascara, but the chances are you won’t want to because your lashes will have uplift and curl.

It takes up to an hour to tint and curl the lashes.

Please come to your appointment with a clean lash line, free of mascara and makeup. Be prepared to talk about the type of lash look you would like to achieve.  With henna brows the best results are achieved with clean brows, as grease can impede the stain from taking full effect.

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