What is Prejuvenation, hype or hot air?

We have all heard the word ‘rejuvenation’ but how about ‘prejuvenation’? For those who haven’t, it is the process of preventing or prolonging the onset of aging for as long as possible. It sounds just like anti-aging but the difference with prejuvenation is that it starts when the skin is youthful and at its prime – mostly in the 20s and 30s. This age group are discovering earlier than previous generations that taking care earlier is one of the best ways to retain a healthy face and body.

The rise of social media especially for the TikTok generation has placed a lot of importance on appearance. This is where prejuvenation comes in. A recent report by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) showed that millennials are making up larger numbers than before. They are looking for preventative treatments and the age of Botox users is 25.

So what others treatments might make up the prejuvenation package? We have already mentioned Botox and neurotoxins that can be used sparingly to prevent wrinkles. There is also collagen induction therapy with SkinPen®, DermaFrac™or mesotherapy that can stimulate the collagen and elastin and keep it at optimal levels. We must not forget good diet, water and sunscreen.

I am all about prevention and sometimes wish my younger self had known some of the things I know now. The key thing is to do all things even aesthetic procedures, with balance in mind. The danger is to understand that a great appearance does not always guarantee a successful life. Self esteem and confidence can and that is where I like to focus!

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"I am all about prevention and sometimes wish my younger self had known some of the things I know now."