Get back that loving feeling

Has your va-va-voom vanished? Do you feel more like washing the dishes than getting intimate? Does the thought of close personal time with your partner come second to everything else? Have you been telling yourself you’re past it and this is the future of your sex life?

Well let’s start at the beginning and first of all I will say, you are not alone, in fact most men and women start feeling this way in their 40s and 50s onwards. This is a normal part of aging and fluctuations in hormonal levels. However sometimes loss or reduced sex drive can be due to other conditions like depression, stress, alcoholism, tiredness or use of drugs. Sometimes an endocrine disorder or certain medications can cause it. For women however we have to ask about hormonal state such as pregnancy, post partum status, perimenopause or menopause.

The second thing I will say is, it can be fixed! There are several options available and first we will start with a hormone panel to check where the hormonal imbalances are happening and which hormones need to be increased. Quite often the levels of testosterone are low in both men and women. Thyroid hormones also have to be checked because they affect the levels of energy and wellbeing in all of us. We will take a blood sample get it tested and look at the supplementation options. At our medical spa we offer Biote bio-identical hormones that are tailored to the individual and inserted under the skin where the hormones are slow released to balance the body.

Once the hormones are steady expect the va-va-voom to return and that means more energy, better sleep and generally feeling like you have more pep in your step (and other places too!). We can also make sexual intimacy more comfortable too especially if vaginal dryness is occurring we can deal with that with the O-shot which is a plasma injection into the clitoral and G-spot regions. For our gentlemen the P-shot uses PRP to enhance and improve sexual function. I can understand that having children can affect sexual mood and body confidence so we offer CO2 fractional laser options that can improve laxity and tightness of the vagina and labia as well as
tackling their appearance too.

The bottom line is both men and women can benefit from a variety of solutions that improve sexual intimacy and vitality. We must never underestimate the importance of having a close relationship with our partner, it keeps us mentally and emotionally happy, young and connected.

"For women however we have to ask about hormonal state such as pregnancy,post partum status, perimenopause or menopause."