Don't be left red faced!

It used to be once upon a time that only older people got red veins and broken capillaries, but that’s not true. We are all prone to them regardless of our age. Some conditions make them worse such as dramatic differences in heat and cold in a short time. Alcohol consumption, hormones and rosacea. Even sneezing too fast or vomiting can cause capillaries to break.

So how does it happen? Blood vessels expand and contract according to blood flow but if this happens too often or suddenly the capillary wall can become damaged so that it can no longer contract. When this happens blood pools and is visible under the skin. Capillaries are very close to the skin’s surface which is why they are so visible. Broken capillaries show up as spidery red marks or blood spots but nothing but intervention gets rid of them. 

If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you might be more likely to have broken capillaries. Sun exposure is another culprit because the UVA and UVB rays damage the walls of the capillaries and thins them out leading to bruising and bleeding. This appearance is most common near the nose and across the cheeks. I have had lots of suggestions that creams and potions can cure thread veins and broken capillaries but this is not true. While there are certain health supplements that are supposed to strengthen the walls of vessels, they cannot get rid of the visible problem.

So what can help? Retinoid creams can thicken the skin, vitamin C, E and K creams with antioxidant properties may prevent bruising. But my solution is a bit more immediate than that using Lumecca™IPL. this technology has been carefully calibrated to seek out specific pigments in the skin—including redness, darker discolored patches or dark spots from acne scarring and sun damage. That means within 1-2 treatments not only will the redness and capillaries be taken care of, the fine lines and wrinkles and aging skin is improved. Ultimately the best way to deal with broken capillaries is prevention, skin strengthening and sun protection.

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"Broken capillaries show up as spidery red marks or blood spots but nothing but intervention gets rid of them. "