Why exfoliation = gorgeous skin

We hear a lot about exfoliating the skin and getting rid of old dead skin cells. And who doesn’t remember the days of apricot scrubs and salt or sugar scrubs? But what does it really mean and why is it beneficial? Think about your kitchen sink, what happens if you don’t clean it? Well firstly it’s not very hygienic but swilling water and detergent around it can clean it. But day by day it will accumulate food or drink stain as well as grease. If not scrubbed away these layers harden and the sink surface is hidden. The glow is gone and the surface looks dull.

This is basically what happens to the skin if it is not exfoliated. The pores get clogged dead cell debris and sebum and it can lead to all kinds of issues. From pimples, whiteheads and blackheads to dull circulation and rough texture. Exfoliation basically erodes this top layer of debris using either mechanical or chemical means.

We have moved on from abrasive scrubs, that if used too often can scrub so much, they compromise the skin barrier. In our medical spa we have several methods to remove the top layers of dead skin using chemical peels containing acids or retinoid skincare which accelerates skin renewal and sloughs off the skin. But one of my favorite treatments is Dermaplaning. It is a bit of a triple whammy which exfoliates the skin, shaves off peach fuzz and stimulates blood flow.

So how does it do all of that? It can be done using a  special dermatome tool that looks like a razor, or a medical-grade scalpel. The blade passes safely across the skin and gently shaves off the top layers of skin. Afterwards the skin will be slightly red and swollen but settles after a week. Everyone heals differently but the eventual result is the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles are minimized. Dull skin is banished the skin has a healthy glow. Some of my patients do it just for the super smoothness and how easily serums penetrate and their makeup glides on! Don’t forget Dermaplaning is a really good base for some other treatments such as the CO2 fractional laser.

Come in and see us at Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics in Centennial, Colorado to discuss Dermaplaning or the CO2 laser.

"It is a bit of a triple whammy which exfoliates the skin, shaves off peach fuzz and stimulates blood flow."