Let's get cheeky!

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with high cheekbones and plump cheek apples. And even if they are, they will still succumb to the rigors age as we all do. Generally the fat pads of the mid face are higher when we are younger and drift further south as we get older. The result is deeper nasolabial folds, flatter more gaunt looking cheeks and a more tired looking appearance. 

The aging of facial bone structure is something else to consider and it makes the strong scaffold on top of which the muscles and fat sit. Just because we cannot influence gravity, we can help strengthen the density of the bones through diet and keeping track of our hormones.

 Being in balance removes concerns like bone thinning and loss. So what can we do about the muscles and fat? The short answer is surgery for those who want an invasive approach, the longer answer is exercise the facial muscles, take advantage of dermal fillers and lift without heavy lifting!

Sculptra is a heavier duty filler that stimulates collagen and works over a period of months to plump up naturally. Other fillers soften the nasolabial folds and add definition to gaunt cheeks. I like to keep my patients looking natural and am not an advocate of overdoing it. When the sagging is more severe I like to perform thread lifts which achieve a non-surgical face lift. PDO threads can pull and tighten the cheek and can be used in combination with filler.

Of course after the volume has been pumped up, there are options to improve texture too. From gentle facials that plump, clear and hydrate to hard-hitting solutions like Morpheus8 RF Microneedling. It really depends on what a client wants and needs, the solutions are plentiful!

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"Generally the fat pads of the mid face are higher when we are younger and drift further south as we get older."