Wax on, wax off

Waxing has been used as a method of hair removal for centuries and is still going strong today. Remember the days when waxing was a real pain in the you know what? I do! Not only was it messy, sticky and frustrating it was never quite as effective. Millions of women and girls crouched over the edge of the bath with a leg bent, fighting with cloth covered wax strips! But those days are long gone as the advent of waxing salons took over the world.

Despite this beauty advance, some waxing methods are still not quite as good as they could be. It is still painful and sticky and one of the biggest issues is the ingrowing hairs it creates. So what is the answer? Chocolate! Well not the edible kind but Chocolate wax. It is different from the usual wax combination which includes ingredients that can aggravate skin and replaces them with cocoa, almond oil, soya bean oil, sunflower oil and glycerine. These provide vitamins such as skin healing vitamin E and minerals. They soothes and enlarge the pores making hairs simply pop out when extracted. That takes care of the pain and after wax the skin is not red and angry. This is a big bonus for anyone with a lower pain threshold, or are close to their monthly period.

One of the things I like about this wax is that it clings very well to all lengths and thicknesses of hair, which is different from regular waxes. They also remove the top layer of the skin so when the hairs beginning growing back they are trapped underneath the new layer of skin and caused itchy in-grown hairs. Chocolate wax is actually able to even grip these hairs and the minerals and vitamins it contains can slow down these hairs too! Traditional waxes normally take two to three sessions to get perfect smoothness, but does it in one go. With all hairs gone skin is left soft, smooth and nourished even in the tricky bikini region. So ask yourself which waxing session smells good, feels good (it is warm not hot) and is relaxing? A chocolate one!


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"Millions of women and girls crouched over the edge of the bath with a leg bent, fighting with cloth covered wax strips!"