Am I gym cheating?

It’s a new year and  we all know what that means. No sooner have the Christmas festivities finished we begin to look at self improvement. Out come the good intentions and promises that “this year will be different”, “we will make those resolutions and stick to them, that diet, those pounds we must lose.” This is the time of year that sports clubs and gyms rub their hands in glee because they know people will join up and never return!

But let’s say you do stick to your resolutions and establish a gym routine, things are going well and the pounds are falling off slowly but steadily. You have improved your diet by cutting down on portions and adding fresher home made food. You feel positive and good, clothes are fitting better and it looks like success is around the corner.

All of a sudden it happens. You stall and everything slows down again, your body has adjusted to its new state and you have to work harder than before. You begin to lose steam and feel demoralized and even worried you might put back what you lost! Sound familiar?

Well don’t fret there are solutions to keep you motivated. Introduce a fitness buddy who can stop you feeling negative when you have a bad day, change your exercise routine and trick the body into a new way to lose weight. If the stubborn inches are not budging and you really don’t want to take drastic action then try something like EvolveX. It combines radiofrequency (to create deep heating of tissue and fat) with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) that forces muscle contractions not usually achievable during exercise. The combination of these two mechanisms provides relatively quick and pain-free building and toning of muscles, fat melting tightening of loose skin. Lots of my patients look sheepishly at me when they get their EvolveX sessions and say, “am I cheating on the gym?”I reply, “no! you are using all the tools at your disposal to get at those hard to reach muscles, that’s not cheating, that’s initiative!” Though it feels like it the most important thing to remember is you are not replacing the gym or a good diet, you are adding to it and kick starting that stalled weight loss. There is nothing to feel guilty about and believe me you will work those muscles!

"This is the time of year that sports clubs and gyms rub their hands in glee because they know people will join up and never return!"

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