Don't be scared of the dark

How can we treat dreaded under eyes circles? This is a question I get asked a lot and often my patients have just got fed up of using creams and patches that are supposed to erase them. One of the first things I ask is, do you have any allergies or sinus conditions? Do dark circles run in the family? How much water do you drink? Do you get enough sleep or work at the computer too much? All of these things can affect the delicate skin under the eyes and cause bags and dark circles.
Usually when the skin thins due to aging, the veins and capillaries become more visible.  That is why I ask to see what things my patients may be doing that can avoid that. Are they lacking in some way? If they are I can correct that lack through supplementing nutrition, or if they are not drinking enough water they may be dehydrating the tender skin under the eyes. If they have allergies the vessels might be dilating much more and becoming visible. In my experience it is usually the skin thinning with age or other factors and the vessels becoming more visible.

So how can we treat this area? My favorite solutions (aside from the freebies which are drinking more water, cutting down on alcohol and really making sure the body flushes away toxins), is CO2 fractional lasers, collagen induction therapies and plasma to stimulate the collagen and elastin and thicken the skin. Or the use of undereye fillers. Fillers need to be used very judiciously in this area and takes a very skilled an artistic hand. Fillers pad out the area just along the orbital bone and hide the dark shadow created by the blood vessels. Some of my patients choose the skin thickening approach and others want the fillers, sometimes they choose both. Our skin renewal treatments have the added benefit of improving the skin so if you have laxity as well as dark circles you get to minimize both. In any case you can throw away the patches!


"Usually when the skin thins due to aging, the veins and capillaries become more visible."

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