Can good looks buy happiness?

There is nothing wrong with taking care of your looks. In fact as an aesthetic professional it is my job to encourage everyone to do so. Since it is International Happiness Day today I had to ask “does how you look make you happy?” For me, it’s an absolute “YES!”

On a personal level when I look good, I feel good and I hear many of my clients saying the same thing. Our appearance is a bit more complex than “do I look attractive to the world, to my partner, to the people I work with?” It’s more like “I feel my confidence grow when I have fuller lips”, or “when the dark circles under my eyes are diminished, I don’t look as tired and I feel more youthful.” Just think about those people who suffer from acne or acne scarring, it can be painfully difficult for them to even look eye to eye at another person. Imagine the joy of being clear skinned and having the confidence to hold your head up high again.

Aging is a natural and often unacceptable thing. It is hard to admit we are not the same anymore, quite often we don’t see that we are so much better as people than when we were young, we are wiser and more emotionally settled. Instead sometimes we focus on “we looked better,” but each age has its pros and cons. The key is to be happy at each stage of growth. To look the best you can for that age and not try to be what has long since past. So does that mean doom and gloom and accept being ‘old’? No, it means aging gracefully and getting a helping hand from a professional. Like me!

There is sometimes guilt at being focused on appearance, that it is pure vanity, I disagree. What hasn’t been considered is the effect on self esteem and confidence. The number of people who come to me feeling small and unattractive is huge. Sometimes it takes a life changing event and there is a real need to boost confidence and give back a glimmer of hope that it is possible to be happy. So many clients come to me post-break up and need that boost. It is my duty and pleasure to help give it.

After a difficult life event where stress has taken its toll on the face and body as well as the emotional self, it is even more crucial to have  a pick-me-up. Nobody should give themselves a hard time or feel guilty for taking some time to pamper themselves. Remember I am here to take the headache out of how you look, if it’s overwhelming to think about. Don’t panic there’s help out there.

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"So does that mean doom and gloom and accept being 'old'? No, it means aging gracefully and getting a helping hand from a professional. Like me!"