An ode to beauty

In celebration of World Poetry Day today we have put pen to paper just for you.

You look in the mirror and exclaim in shock,
Why do I see so many wrinkles, lines and large pores?  
Who do I seek to turn back the clock?
The magicians at Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics of course.

Your skin may have age spots, be lifeless, dull and rough, Your tresses look sad and sparse with problems galore. Don’t tear out your hair just say”enough is enough,”
We have cures for all from plasma to IPL, CO2 lasers, chemical peels and more.

It matters not what age or gender you are,
If you have a little too much belly, butt or thigh.
EvolveX, Morpheus8 RF, Semaglutide are the best by far,
Soon you’ll be tight, toned and to flab you say “bye bye.”

And so to end our annual ode to world beauty,
All we can say is welcome to our peaceful, humble space,
Where reaching your dreams for a confident you is our duty,
Don’t forget to keep an eye on offers to beautify your face…

and everything else!

Come in and see us at Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics in Centennial,
Colorado for all your beauty and skincare needs.