Spring has sprung!

I know it seems hard to believe but the weather’s changing and all those thick sweaters will soon be going back in the wardrobe. Before you know it, the temperature will be rising and everyone will be thinking about vacations and beach breaks.

Spring is the time when everything wakes up from a long winter sleep. Trees, plants, animals have been conserving energy to keep warm and alive. With a change in season, comes better weather, more food and less threat. So that’s fine if you’re a squirrel, but what about for us humans? What does spring mean for the body? First of all it means we see hormonal changes such as a decrease in melatonin, the sleep hormone that makes us want to snuggle up and hibernate. In men testosterone dips and in women estrodiol. So springtime affects sleep, the libido and mood.

It can also affect the hair making it frizzy due to increased humidity (not so much of a problem in Colorado where humidity is low). This happens because water interferes with the molecular bonds that make hair strands stick together, the bonds reform but the hair gets frizzy. On top of this hair follicles are most active (in the growing – anagen phase) in March, declining steadily until September. Hair that isn’t growing will fall out. I would say this is perfect time to get a plasma for hair session and some biotin injections to really keep that hair momentum going.

One of the most noticeable things about coming out of winter is that layer of insulation many of us get from a slower metabolism conserving energy for the cold. It doesn’t make the prospect of stripping off into a bikini very appealing does it? So think of spring as a great time to supercharge an exercise or diet regime with EvolveX body contouring that uses RF and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to tighten, tone and melt fat. When you combine this with a cardio workout say, walking, swimming, cycling (we love the great outdoors here in Colorado!) then it will really boost the weightloss.

If you are in a real rush to get extra tone before the summer then Semaglutide injections started in spring will have you trim by then! I tell everyone who is adding body contouring and weight management to their regime, that they will see best results with a good diet and exercise regime. Besides, spring makes us want to eat fresher, healthier foods. Time to add those salads and leafy greens to meals to deliver a dose of antioxidants to the skin.

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"With a change in season, comes better weather, more food and less threat. So that's fine if you're a squirrel, but what about for us humans?"