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The Easter Bunny is here!

It’s Easter and as you know that’s the time when the Easter Bunny comes to visit. Without exception it comes bearing gifts – usually a basket of pretty eggs and an egg hunt. But what happens if it brings something you don’t want?

The ‘bunny’ lines! You might ask what on earth are bunny lines? Well these are diagonal and vertical wrinkles on the the bridge of the nose and on either side of the nose. They happen due to the contractions of the nasalis muscle with squinting, flaring nostrils or laughing. Sometimes they happen after using neurotoxins in the forehead, as the face tries to compensate by moving in other areas.

If you develop bunny lines it may be because of an inexperienced botox application, but in the hands of a good injector they can be avoided and prevented. Most people who have botox want to look natural or youthful, and bunny lines are a big giveaway that work had been done.

Or they can be the sign of natural aging and become prominent as the skin loses collagen and elastin over time. Think Kylie Minogue or Nicole Kidman who have very pronounced bunny lines. Theirs could be due to natural aging or botox, I can’t speculate which!

So how do we get rid of them? By injecting small amounts of botox into the nasalis muscle. Sometimes it is sensible to treat this area anyway when injecting the forehead for example so the compensatory movement doesn’t happen.

When injecting neurotoxins it is usually sensible to treat the face as a whole, what effect will limiting movement in one area have on another area? When I inject the lines between the brows (glabella region) I know that fixing that spot will make the eyebrows flare up at the edges, giving that ‘Dr Spock’ look so I address the areas above the brows to avoid this.

It’s all about getting the face into balance!

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"Most people who have botox want to look natural or youthful and bunny lines are a big giveaway that work had been done."