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Why vitamin therapy is so vital!

Not everyone is thrilled at the thought of popping vitamin pills. Sometimes, they’re just too big or they leave an aftertaste, they can even repeat on you hours later.  But fear not the solution is here, quite literally. There are vitamins in solution form that can be injected into fat or muscle, or delivered in an IV drip or intravenous cocktail! So why take them at all? Perhaps your diet doesn’t give you a full range of vitamins, maybe you have health conditions that burn through certain nutrients and they need replenishing faster.

So what are the benefits of IV and injections versus pills?Absorption is faster and better, for example there is a loss in nutrition when you swallow a pill and the time it takes to get into the bloodstream. Intramuscular injections are faster with improvements showing quicker. You also get a tailored dose in the right combination. For example do you need a hair loss prevention and skin beautifying cocktail with biotin? Or LipoLean fat loss injections? Maybe an IV drip that boosts your energy or builds immunity? 

IV nutritional therapy has existed since the 1930s with physicians like Dr Fred Klenner using high doses of vitamin C to combat viral infections. It gained popularity through the work of Dr. John Myers, MD, a Baltimore physician who used it to treat various medical conditions in 1954.  In fact we offer the Myer’s Cocktail in our clinic! Since the 1980s IV therapy has helped people with chronic medical conditions, such as fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, asthma and more. 

There are so many options available that can be targeted to your needs and none of them involve tedious pill-taking! Not to mention pills are not a one size fits all proposition, we prefer the bespoke approach.

In fact it is easier to get into a routine this way because vitamin injections and IV drips are not a daily or twice daily occurrence. They are usually weekly or fortnightly depending on your needs and goals. Another bonus is the relaxation factor. In fact my patients really like the excuse an IV nutritional therapy session gives them to partake in our pampering Spa Experience. They get ‘me time’ that is actually doing some good for the mental and physical wellbeing! Often they fall asleep in the chair they get so relaxed, but we really don’t mind a bit!

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"There are so many options available that can be targeted to your needs and none of them involve tedious pill-taking!"