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What a beautiful day!

I love researching different subjects for blog posts and part for that is seeing what’s happening in the aesthetics world. Did you know for example that today is National Beautician’s Day?

I know it sounds silly but I get very excited when I see things like this because it means someone out there appreciates what I and my team do! But seriously I’m very proud of my team and the aesthetics practitioners of the nation who strive to bring beauty into people’s lives. It’s as simple as that, making people feel good on the outside helps build their self esteem and enriches the inside.

On a professional level, we all want a little bit of appreciation and recognition. To know that the effort and love we put into our work has an impact is so important. So without further ado I’m going offer you some of my best tips as an aesthetician.

1. What is your aesthetic goal and why are you pursuing it? Is it to improve self-esteem, better a relationship, get back to how you used to be? This is important because it gives you a clear view of what you’re trying to achieve without getting emotional about it and just jumping into a procedure. When you answer this question you get a better outcome because your expectations are real.

2. Don’t jump into treatments without asking questions. A good practitioner will be ready with answers and never get impatient when you want more information. If they don’t like to inform you, that’s a red flag to move on!

3. Don’t get pushed into things that make you feel uncomfortable. It’s natural to be cautious when having procedures, if you want to go slow, then don’t let anyone rush you. Make your decisions based on facts and not feelings!

4.Prioritize self-care and manage stress. When you reduce stress it helps promote overall wellbeing. That will manifest in your face, skin, body, mental health. It sounds simple but this is an understated but powerful factor in looking good! Find things that relax you and put you in first place!

5. Protect yourself from the sun and hydrate. I say it so often but a lot of aging comes from these two factors alone. The sun in Colorado is brutal so you need to protect your skin! The climate is dry so you must feed your skin and water it well by drinking lots of water. If you’ve been lax, the IV nutritional drip is a skin saver.

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"But seriously I am very proud of my team and the aesthetics practitioners of the nation who strive to bring beauty into people's lives."