Are you bikini ready?

There’s no other way to say it, but we are officially in bikini season. The summer heat is just starting and even though we’ve had lots of rain here in Colorado the sun still shines bright and hot! If you’re taking time off and going away the destination is likely to involve a bikini or swimsuit. In recognition of this, today we celebrate National Bikini Day. Yes, there’s a day for that too! But we’re not complaining because bikinis are beautiful and all bikini bodies are beautiful too. But not everyone feels confidant or ready to bare all, so what can we do to help if that’s you?

Which bit is bothering you? Is it cellulite, a few extra folds from winter fat? Is it texture of your skin, blemishes and sunspots? Do you feel like your butt is sagging or your belly pooches too much? Maybe your breasts feel like they’ve lost some oomph. Or for our men, maybe you’ve got more moob than you’re happy with?

Worry not we’re here with a solution to all of these concerns and more. So first of all let’s talk extra fat. I can suggest EvolveX Transform which uses a combination of radiofrequency to penetrate the deep layer of the skin to soften fat and then EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to work the underlying muscles to tighten, tone and firm up. Think souped up sit-ups, crunches or squats! A session a week for 6 weeks will trim inches off your body.

For another heavy hitting option try Morpheus8 RF Microneedling for the body. Again radiofrequency is used, but this time delivered through a series of needles to zap the fat and tighten the skin on top – this is especially good news for treating cellulite or stretch marks. I would recommend a session every 6 weeks or so. This technology is a good one for tightening up the breasts and moobs or butt sag. As with EvolveX the fat that is melted is metabolized by the body and excreted through the usual means via the lymphatic system.

Other fat reduction solutions include semaglutide injections which I recommend for about 6-9 weeks with a weekly injection. The medication keeps the stomach full longer and reduces the appetite leading to fast fat loss. It is most effective when you do weight training to build the muscle. Now we’ve tackled the fat and muscle tone, stretch marks and cellulite what do we do about those blemishes? It might sound counterintuitive to sunbathe and then have to zap away sunspots, but who doesn’t want clear skin? I can remove sunspots with IPL or gentle chemical peels, bear in mind sun exposure has to be avoided after treatment and sunscreen is a must. In fact no bikini bod should be exposed without sun protection!! I recommend these skin resurfacing techniques be reserved for winter time.

Come in and see us at Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics in Centennial, Colorado for a series of IPL and chemical peels.

"Maybe your breasts feel like they've lost some oomph. Or for our men, maybe you've got more moob than you're happy with?"