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Take care of you

International Self Care day is here and that means exactly what it says! A whole day in which to give yourself some attention. It might sound like a really silly thing to say but have you ever stopped to think whether you actually take time out for just you? Most people don’t because they are juggling busy and active lives looking after their families or working long hours. It’s a catch-22 you don’t get time for yourself so you get under the weather and rundown and stop looking and feeling your best. But to look and feel your best you need time from a busy schedule.

Self care is not about being selfish, it’s about taking a pause to reset. To revive and rejuvenate mind, body as well as emotional wellbeing. It’s actually more important than you think and not a journey into vanity. So what are my recommendations for some well deserved R&R?

My top 5 includes:

1. IV nutritional therapy – we have a large menu of drips that can help boost immunity, improve skin, ramp up energy, aid slimming as a few examples. There’s nothing taxing about these except choosing which you want! Sit in a comfortable chair and let the drip do its magic.

2. Oxygenation facial this treatment combines Tripolar RF, oxygen and ultrasound to work both on the inside and outside of the skin creating a young, fresh and natural appearance of the skin.You can choose from NeoRevive or NeoBright.

3. Dermaplaning – this is a great treatment for keeping the epidermis healthy by removing old dead skin cells. It can reduce scarring, keep blackheads at bay, remove peach fuzz and keep the surface smooth.

4. Chocolate waxing who said waxing has to be painful? Not us, because our favored product is gentler than traditional waxes and lubricates as it removes hairs keeping them at bay for 3 to 6 weeks at a time.

5. EvolveX Transform – you’ve been watching your weight and diet but there are still some stubborn pockets of fat left. That’s where the combination of EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and radio frequency comes in handy. It’s like all the gain and none of the pain of crunches or squats!

Come in and see us at Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics in Centennial, Colorado for Dermaplaning or EvolveX Transform.

"Self care is not about being selfish, it's about taking a pause to reset. To revive and rejuvenate mind, body as well as emotional wellbeing."