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The beauty of beauty sleep!

Whenever you watch a lifestyle show or read an article in a magazine it tells you to get your beauty sleep. Is this a myth or reality? The fact is human beings weren’t created to go without sleep. We use this time to recharge our cells and bodily processes.The brain and body slow down to work for our overall wellbeing both short-term and long-term. So if you don’t get a good night’s rest these functions don’t happen and that ‘housekeeping’ falls by the wayside. It affects concentration, energy levels, your mood and your skin.

 What’s the science behind beauty sleep I hear you ask? What’s happening to the skin? Well for a start recovery and healing in the dermis and epidermis.The blood flow to the skin increases and generally gets to work cleaning up.Toxins are being flushed away, white blood cells are active clearing out damage or providing support. What are the skin signs that you aren’t getting enough sleep? Your eyes look puffy and swollen, you have hooded lids, the dark circles are prominent, your skin looks paler and the texture of your skin is dehydrated so lines and wrinkles look worse. How do you ensure a good night’s sleep? Easier said than done if you have things on your mind, aren’t tired or your hormones are keeping you up!

1. Hold off on the stimulants like chocolate, coffee or alcohol so you can relax. Drink water instead that way you’ll be hydrated

2. Cleanse and wash your face before bed especially makeup so your skin can breathe as it heals. Apply nurturing creams that support your skin’s healing and make you feel like you’re pampering yourself

3. Keep your bedroom comfy. If it’s too dry or warm use a humidifier or keep a window open to allow airflow. A comfortable room encourages sleep. A humidifier will also ensure your skin in dewy when you wake up

4. Don’t use devices, so that means no phones, no tablets, no internet. Stimulating your mind before bed can really affect how fast you fall asleep

5. Play soothing music or meditation tracks that help you just drift away and let your mind wander aimlessly

6. Make sure you have a comfortable pillow and bed sheets. Soft non-abrasive cotton stops the skin from being buffeted about as you sleep. You can even invest in silk pillow cases to stop skin wrinkling from compression and side sleeping

7. Raise your head to keep fluid-retention at a minimum. When we lie down gravity takes over and things can swell that includes feet and ankles. Sinuses often get blocked when we sleep, congesting the face and head. An extra pillow means better drainage and you won’t wake up with dark circles or a puffy face

8. Sleep in the dark using blackout curtains, or wear an eye mask. Darkness tells the brain to sleep and our body follows suit. It also keeps out sunlight which you don’t want on your skin as you sleep!

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"The blood flow to the skin increases and generally gets to work cleaning up. Toxins are being flushed away, white blood cells are active clearing out damage or providing support."