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Polycystic ovaries and laser hair removal

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome also known as PCOS is a hormonal condition that causes cysts to form on the edges of the ovaries. It causes excess testosterone which makes hair grow on the face, back, chest, lower legs and abdomen. The hair is thicker, more resistant to removal and darker due to the extra hormones. Having PCOS can be very stressful for sufferers because of the health issues such as irregular periods, oily and acne-prone skin, conception problems etc. But aesthetically it can make women feel very self conscious, cause intimacy problems and generally affect their self esteem. I do not believe anybody should feel this way and want them to know there are ways to rebuild confidence.

My solution to this problem is using Diolaze XL laser hair removal to deal with the excess hair. This method of hair removal is less painful than electrolysis and faster given the large numbers of hair that has to be removed. It removes the constant need to shave, wax or pluck. Regular laser hair removal will require many more sessions than with patients who don’t have PCOS. We’re talking about 10-12 or more slow and relatively painful treatments on many different parts of the body.

That’s why PCOS sufferers are really good candidates for Diolaze XL. How do I know? Because it is not like normal lasers, it takes much fewer treatments because it works on two wavelengths (810 nm and 755 nm) to target the melanin in the hair. The energy is converted to heat which damages hair follicles and inhibits or delays hair growth.

Due to it’s enhanced power it takes fewer sessions and the large treatment head covers a lot of area, which is good news for PCOS sufferers. Because it has strong built-in cooling it is less painful than most other hair removal methods. Plus, it can remove hair from any part of the body which is excellent for maintenance once the hair is under control. Of course as long as the hormones are imbalanced, the hair growth will continue. PCOS doesn’t go away but it can be stabilized and if you are overweight reducing weight can help. On that note it just so happens that I have excellent weight management options that can help you.

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"Due to it's enhanced power it takes fewer sessions and the large treatment head covers a lot of area, which is good news for PCOS sufferers."