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IV nutritional therapy memberships

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At Invigorate Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa, we’re always looking for ways to give our clients a great deal. If there’s a discount to be had we’ll share it with you! We understand that IV nutritional therapy is not about the occasional top-up or energy boost. So we have devised  a plan for you to get consistent results to boost your immunity as well as your beauty!

Take a look at our top-rated nutritional therapy memberships

There is something for every lifestyle, be it immune boosters that may help the body fend off colds, flu and Covid-19. Performance enhancers that revive, renew and give energy to aching muscles. Weight management IVs to boost weight loss and mental wellness protocols that help improve brain function.

The EMERALD membership



  • Any IV up to a $? value
  • 25% off an additional IV
  • 10% off medical spa treatments





The SAPPHIRE membership


  •  Any IV up to $? value
  • + 1 Biotin or 1 Vit D injection a month
  • 30% off an additional IV
  • 15% off medical spa treatments

The DIAMOND membership



  • Any 2 IV up to $? value or 1 NAD+ or 1 glutathione push or 1 MICC
  •  Add on either 2 biotin or 2 vit D injections a month
  • 35% off an additional IV
  • 20% off Medical Spa treatments at time of IV or Botox $10/unit

Terms of membership

30 days notice required for cancellation

Membership may not be frozen

Benefits cannot be moved to next month if not used

Benefits cannot be transferred to another member

After 12 months each Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond membership package will auto renew

IV nutritional therapy membership requires a minimum of 3 months to qualify 

Prices are subject to change

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