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Category: Areas of concern

Hair loss and diet

Hair loss and diet As part of National Hair Loss Awareness month each week I’m discussing hair. This is my fourth post about it and today I want to check

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Fun facts about hair

Fun facts about hair As you know it’s National Hair Loss Awareness month and I’ve been talking about hair each week. This is my third post about it and I

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Stretch marks SOS

Stretch marks SOS I often get asked what I can do about cellulite and stretch marks? As it happens quite a lot! But before I go into the solutions let’s

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All about the hair

All about the hair August is National Hair Loss Awareness month so I’m going to talk about hair. A lot! There will be a weekly post about hair until September.

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What is skin brushing?

What is skin brushing? There are lots of different skincare techniques that are supposedly great for the skin. Some of these are pseudoscience and some actually work. Dry brushing also

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Start loving your body

Start loving your body It’s National Nude Day and though it might conjure up images of naturists it’s actually got a serious side too. So I want to take the

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